80% of Italians believe high-income countries must take responsibility for COVID-19 immunization in Africa

Amref, the international non-governmental organization, launched an opinion survey conducted by Ipsos to analyze Italians' thoughts about assistance for low- and middle-income countries in the vaccination campaign against the COVID-19 virus.

The opinion poll showed that one in four individuals believe that Africa is the continent in which additional variants of the virus are most likely to develop. However, four in ten think that variants of COVID-19 will develop elsewhere with the same probability. As many as seven in ten believe that rich countries should contribute more to solving global health problems and protecting health services in low-income countries. Specifically, eight in ten think rich countries should take responsibility for immunization in African countries.

Only 36% of respondents believe a more significant contribution from Italy is necessary for the global response to the COVID-19 crisis; 37% think that enough is already being addressed, and 27% believe that too much is being done, taking resources away from Italian citizens on a domestic level. 67% believed responsibility should be shifted to Europe. According to the poll, seven in ten Italians think patents limit the production of vaccines. However, six in ten argue that patents are necessary to avoid the uncontrolled production of vaccines and, therefore, potential risks to public health.

Press release - Amref