Canada commits US$35 million to peace and stabilization projects in Iraq and Syria

Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marc Garneau has announced CA$44 million (US$35 million) for projects in Iraq and Syria working to combat Daesh, also known as ISIS. This funding was announced at the 'Foreign Ministers of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS Small Group' meeting.

The funding will go toward eleven projects that are a part of the 'Stabilization Operations Program in Iraq and Syria' and is a demonstration of Canada's dedication to "advance stability in Iraq, Syria and the region". These projects specifically focus on providing essential services to citizens, strengthening public infrastructure, and supporting internally displaced peoples.

Currently, Canada contributes to all five aspects of the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh campaign: 

  1. Military campaign against Daesh;
  2. Stop influx of foreign terrorist fighters;
  3. Target Daesh financing and economic infrastructure;
  4. Stabilize liberated areas; and
  5. Counter propaganda.

Press release - Global Affairs Canada