Canada must do more to address humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, critics say

Since Canada’s federal election is over, critics at Canada’s Institute for Research on Public Policy are calling for urgent policy change in response to the Afghan crisis.

The organization created a post-election to-do list for the Afghan crisis, which includes urgent action to:

  • Get people out: Canada should intensify its diplomacy work to encourage the Taliban to allow safe passage out of Afghanistan;
  • Increase government-assisted refugees: With Canada recently committing to resettle 40,000 Afghan refugees, at least half should be government-assisted refugees;
  • Speed up the resettlement process: Fast track Afghan refugee claims in Canada;
  • Clarify the new humanitarian program: The government announced a promising new program to resettle vulnerable Afghans, including women leaders, human rights advocates, and LGBTQ+ individuals, but the government must do more to communicate the eligibility and processes of the program; and
  • Increase international assistance: Identified as the most important task on the to-do list, the Canadian government must increase humanitarian aid for organizations working on the ground in Afghanistan and in neighboring countries, such as Pakistan and Turkey, which are experiencing large migration flows from Afghanistan.

Op-ed - Institute for Research on Public Policy