Canada's 2021 budget commits US$14.1 billion to climate action

Canada's newly released budget for 2021 commits CA$17.6 billion (US$14.1 billion) to establishing a green recovery following the COVID-19 crisis and to tackle and protect against the climate crisis.

Specifically, the budget proposes: 

  • CA$4.4 billion to help homeowners reduce their properties' environmental footprints and energy bills;
  • CA$5.0 billion over seven years to Canada's Net Zero Accelerator;
  • CA$319 million over seven years to research and develop commercially-viable carbon capture technologies;
  • CA$2.3 billion over five years to Environment and Climate Change Canada, Parks Canada, and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans;
  • CA$200 million over three years to Infrastructure Canada to establish a Natural Infrastructure Fund to mitigate and prevent the impacts of climate change;
  • CA$977 million over five years to address the loss of marine habitats and biodiversity;
  • CA$647 million over five years to preserve wild Pacific salmon;
  • CA$1.4 billion over 12 years for projects such as "wildfire mitigation activities, rehabilitation of storm water systems, and restoration of wetlands and shorelines";
  • CA$12 million over five years to the Standards to Support Resilience in Infrastructure Program to help communities to plan and build climate-resilient infrastructure, including roads and buildings;
  • CA$64 million over three years to complete flood maps in high-risk regions; and
  • CA$17 million over two years to support climate-resilient water and irrigation infrastructure.

Press release - Global Affairs Canada