Policy Update

Canada's International Development Research Centre funds research on COVID-19 in low-income countries

Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC) has launched a rapid policy-relevant research response to better understand the unprecedented development challenges created by COVID-19 in low- and middle-income countries. The IDRC is funding research efforts by 25 think tanks, networks, and consortia in low-income countries generating evidence-based recommendations for how governments, the private sector, and civil society organizations can most effectively respond to the crisis in low-income countries.

Research is focused on the following three themes: 

  1. Economic policies mitigating impacts of the pandemic;
  2. Public and private sector measures supporting vulnerable group and promoting gender equality during the pandemic; and
  3. Responses to protect democratic freedoms and security throughout the pandemic.

The IDRC plans to publish research findings in the coming months. 

Press release - IDRC