Coalition of 60 renowned scientists call on global governments to allocate 2% of military budgets to global public goods

Carlo Rovelli and Matteo Smerlak, internationally renowned Italian scientists, called on global governments to allocate 2% of their military budgets to international solidarity projects and global public goods. 60 high-profile scientists, including 50 Nobel Prize winners, from all over the world joined the call to action as signatories.

The scientists pointed to the fact that military spending has doubled globally since 2000 to nearly two trillion US dollars annually, an incredible sum which continues to increase in every global region.

Signatories proposed that half of the resources sourced by this agreement be channeled into a global fund under the United Nations' supervision to address humanity's most pressing needs: pandemics, climate change, and extreme poverty. The other half would remain at the disposal of individual governments and redirect the military industry to peaceful purposes in areas of greatest urgency.

News article – Corriere della Sera website