Disagreement on Norwegian development assistance funding levels remains top issue in revised state budget

The Norwegian government and the Socialist Left Party are still negotiating the revised state budget for 2022. The chairman of the Finance Committee, Eigil Knutsen (Labor Party), said parties still disagree strongly on development assistance funding levels.  

Together with the Center Party's fiscal policy spokesperson Geir Pollestad, Knutsen met the Socialist Left Party's fiscal policy spokesperson Kari Elisabeth Kaski for a new round of negotiations on the revised national budget last week.

After the meeting, the development assistance budget was highlighted as one of the most difficult topics. The Parliament (Stortinget) is supposed to vote in the plenary about the revised budget on Friday, June 17, 2022. This will be the last meeting in the Parliament before the summer break. 

News article - Bistandaktuelt (in Norwegian)