Donor countries, philanthropies pledge US$135 million for Global Fertilizer Challenge

At a COP27 panel on November 12, 2022, Ambassador Marcel Beukeboom announced that the Netherlands, the US, European Commission, Norway, and Germany will provide a total of US$135 million in support of US President Joe Biden’s Global Fertilizer Challenge to combat global fertilizer shortages and food insecurity.

The pledge exceeded Biden’s goal of raising US$100 million for the initiative.

Biden set the challenge goal on June 17, 2022 to address global fertilizer shortages in low- and middle-income countries, caused in part by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The EU and countries’ joint pledge totaled US$109 million. An additional US$5 million was committed by the Foundation for Food & Agricultural Research (FFAR), and another US$22 million was offered by a group of philanthropic funders and investors, which will more broadly address fertilizer’s role in climate, food security, and energy crises.

Press release - ReliefWeb

Tweet – Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs