EU Council approves new strategies for Indo-Pacific and Mediterranean cooperation on development, climate

The Council of the EU has approved conclusions on strategies for cooperation with both the Mediterranean region (or, the ‘Southern Neighbourhood’) and the Indo-Pacific region, which cover issues such as development, investing in young people, climate and the green transition, health, trade, and security.

Given the intense geopolitical competition in the Indo-Pacific, the EU will seek to contribute to regional stability, prosperity, and sustainable development in the region through trade and investment, tackling the climate crisis, and working together on security, defense, and inclusive socio-economic recovery.

In the Southern Neighbourhood, the EU will invest in socio-economic recovery, job creation, a just and inclusive green transition, and in the people of the region, especially young people. The EU will promote human rights and the rule of law, as well as seek to partner on security, migration, healthcare preparedness, and response capacities. 

Press release on Mediterranean region - Council of the EU

Press release on Indo-Pacific region - Council of the EU