Following coup, Sweden refocuses development cooperation strategy with Myanmar on democratic processes, human rights

As a result of the military coup in Myanmar in February 2021, the Swedish government has decided to revise its 2018-2022 strategy for development cooperation with Myanmar, to reflect Sweden’s support for the country’s return to democratic development and respect for human rights.

Under the strategy, Sweden will continue to support civil society organizations without legitimizing the military government.

The coup "has created a strained and dangerous situation in the country for democracy fighters, free media, and human rights defenders," said Per Olsson Fridh, Minister for International Development Cooperation. Therefore, Sweden is changing its strategy so that it can be more flexible in how it directs its support to the country, said Fridh.

Sweden has already provided extensive support for strengthening democracy, human rights, and gender equality in Myanmar through civil society organizations and independent media. Under the revised strategy, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) will reallocate additional funds to these stakeholders.

Press release – Government Offices of Sweden (in Swedish)