France announces US$30 million fund to support democracy on African continent at New Africa-France Summit

France organized the "New Africa-France summit" in the southern French city of Montpellier on October 8, 2021, which included 5,000 participants from the African continent and France for a one-day summit.

For the first time ever, the summit did not convene African heads of state but rather civil society actors, such as academics, activists, NGOs, startups, and sportspersons.

French President Emmanuel Macron discussed current issues shared by France and the African continent, which included controversial topics such as French military interventions in the Sahel region, support to dictatorships, and the end of the West African CFA franc. 

France announced the creation of a fund to support democracy, which has been allocated €30 million (USD$35 million) for the next three years.

Press release - French presidential website (in French)