France supports African, Caribbean, Pacific agreement promoting cooperation in debt and climate crises

French Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, took part in the informal EU Foreign Affairs Ministerial Council on September 29, 2020, for a meeting dedicated to the partnership between the EU and Africa. 

Lemoyne underlined the necessity to accelerate efforts to support the continent in facing the debt and climate crises, as well as promoting investments, regional integration, and digital transformation.

France notably indicated that it will support the conclusion of an ambitious agreement with ACP (African, Caribbean, Pacific) countries to deepen cooperation, notably on education, youth emplacement, and commitments made at COP21 (the 21st Conference of Parties, referring to the pivotal 2015 Paris Climate Conference).

This meeting will be followed by the formal Foreign Affairs Council on Development on November 23, 2020.

Press release - French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in French)