France supports new WHO treaty for pandemic prevention, urges revision of International Health Regulations

France indicated its willingness to adopt a new treaty to prevent and respond to future pandemics, following the World Health Organization (WHO) Member States' consensus to launch negotiations for a new legal instrument.

The intended treaty aims to strengthen the WHO’s role in global health governance, improve fair access to response tools (including vaccines, treatments, and diagnostic tests) for combating epidemics, and promote the One Health approach. In addition to supporting the new legal instrument, France also expressed interest in revising International Health Regulations.

France mobilized €1.0 billion (US$1.1 billion) for ACT-A, the WHO-led initiative to fight the COVID-19 pandemic (though only US$335 million have been effectively pledged so far) and has pledged to donate 120 million COVID-19 vaccine doses by mid-2022, which includes its intended 60 million dose pledge for 2021.

Press release - French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs