Investments must address digital divide, says Dutch development minister while reviewing lessons learned from Digital Agenda for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation

The Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Sigrid Kaag, addressed the results and lessons learned from the government's Digital Agenda for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in a parliamentary letter. The purpose of the Agenda was to outline the opportunities and risks of digital technologies and data for international trade relations and sustainable development worldwide and the Dutch government's response plan.

Kaag stated that investments in education, among other things, should also address the digital divide in low-income countries and prevent digitalization from leading to more inequality. She also mentioned that development programs with a strong digital component should examine which target groups in low-income countries are inadvertently excluded as a result of such a digital divide, and thus, more low-tech solutions should be offered for those groups, such as distance learning via radio instead of online platforms.  

Press release - Parliament of the Netherlands (in Dutch)