Japan provides US$3 million to Kenyan agriculture infrastructure, focusing on conversion of organic waste into insect feed and fertilizer

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) invested US$3 million in Sanergy, a U.S. company that collects and transforms organic waste into insect feed, organic fertilizer, and biofuel.

In Nairobi, Kenya approximately half of waste is dumped illegally, and waste disposal sites can only process 0.5 million m3 of the 1.8 million m3 waste brought into sites. Additionally, while agriculture, forestry, and fisheries comprise about 30% of GDP and 40% of employment, limited feed and fertilizer resources have impeded the expansion of farming production.

With private sector investors such as AXA IM Alts, Novastar Ventures, and Finnfund, JICA will invest in Sangery to help with waste management and agricultural development in Kenya. JICA will work with various public and private investors and leverage its network to solve social problems not only in Kenya but in other countries on the African continent.

Press release – Japan International Cooperation Agency