Policy Update

Japan's Global Health Innovative Technology Fund opens call for proposals for infectious disease research and development projects

The Global Health Innovative Technology Fund, a Japanese non-profit, has announced a new request for proposals (RFP) for the development of novel drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines for malaria, tuberculous, and neglected tropical diseases. The projects will help address health-related challenges in low-income countries or will fill gaps in health technologies for infectious diseases.

Projects are set to last 2-years or less and may focus on an array of research and development activities, such as lead optimization, preclinical development, clinical development, or activities to support licensure and World Health Organization (WHO) prequalifications. Projects should include one eligible Japanese and one eligible non-Japanese organization.

Further details of the request for proposals are provided online. Applications are due July 29, 2020, and full proposals are due August 17, 2020.

Press release – Global Health Innovative Technology Fund