Leaked internal report calls for ‘transactional’ approach to EU foreign assistance in African countries

A leaked internal report from EU delegations in Africa called for a more transactional approach to providing EU development assistance to African countries by tying it to those countries’ support for “common values and a joint vision.”

The document was overseen by the head of the EU delegation to the African Union and was shared with Brussels-based diplomats in the European External Action Service (EEAS).

While the European Commission previously maintained that the war in Ukraine will not impact the level of assistance provided to African countries, the report acknowledged that as the war drags on, the conflict will inevitably impact resource levels.

The report came amidst a backdrop of ambivalent responses from African countries to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with many refraining to support a UN condemnation. Additionally, some African leaders expressed concern that EU sanctions against Russia are contributing to the global food crisis despite EU leaders’ assurances that the sanctions do not target the agricultural sector. 

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