Member states call for strengthened EU response to global food insecurity to support lower-income countries

EU member states in the Council of the EU have called for a Team Europe response to the global food security crisis due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including by supporting lower- and middle-income countries to strengthen local production and transition to sustainable food systems. 

The Council approved conclusions that outline four pillars of action that the EU and its member states should take: 

  1. “Solidarity through emergency relief and support for affordability"; 
  2. “Boosting sustainable production, resilience and food systems transformation"; 
  3. “Facilitating trade by helping Ukraine export agricultural goods via different land routes and EU ports and by promoting open global trade in food and fertilizers"; and
  4. “Effective multilateralism.”

The Council encouraged the Commission and member states to invest in food value chains, agro-ecology, and research and innovation (R&I). For R&I, the EU will play a leadership role in the CGIAR, a global research partnership focused on food and nutrition security.

The conclusions also note the EU’s recent contribution of €225 million (US$243 million) to its new Food and Resilience Facility for the EU’s Southern Neighborhood and the Team Europe pledges of €1 billion (US$1.1 billion) and €600 million (US$648 million) to support the Sahel and Lake Chad regions and the Horn of Africa, respectively.

Press release - Council of the EU

Conclusions - Council of the EU