Netherlands could play key role in COVID-19 vaccine distribution if it bridges sectors, according to parliamentary representative

Jan Klink, People's Party for Freedom (VVD) Dutch parliament member, criticized the Netherlands' vaccine donation process in a recent interview; he included the Netherlands' delayed start of COVID-19 vaccine dose donations in a list of critiques.

According to Klink, the Netherlands should involve Dutch entrepreneurs in the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines, recommending the mobilization of tulip farmers as an example. One of the leading voices in parliament on global health issues and private sector, he proposed bridging different sectors so that the Netherlands can contribute to the worldwide distribution of vaccines.

Klink, who is a former dairy farmer himself, stated that the Netherlands should focus its development cooperation policy on what it is good at - sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), women’s rights, water, and agriculture.

News article - Vice Versa (in Dutch)