NGOs call for UK government to postpone COP26 as fears grow that low-income countries may struggle to participate

More than 1,500 civil society organizations from 130 countries have collectively called for the UK government to postpone the UN COP26 climate talks.

COP26 will be held in Glasgow, Scotland in November of 2021 with the UK hosting the event and holding the Presidency. The groups, which are members of the Climate Action Network, made the public demand based on growing fears that participants from low-income and climate-vulnerable nations will struggle to attend the in-person event due to the high cost of the UK's COVID-19 travel requirements.  

In response to the statement by the Climate Action Network, the UK government noted that all delegates who have not been able to get a vaccine will receive the jab this week. The UK government also announced that it would provide funding to all participants (including media and observers attending) that will require a ten-day quarantine under the UK’s COVID-19 travel requirements.

The UK government has labeled some countries as ‘red list’ countries, many of which are low-income and climate-vulnerable countries. Travelers from these countries are required to quarantine in a hotel. The government will provide funding to cover the costs of a hotel for all participants traveling from red-list nations. 

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