Norway lacks anti-corruption initiatives, says Norad-commissioned report

A new report done by the Nordic Consulting Group on behalf of the Norwegian Directorate of International Development (Norad), showed that Norway is not doing enough to prevent corruption in development assistance funding.

Norway has increased funding spent in corrupt countries from NOK700 million (US$78 million) to NOK2.5 billion (US$279 million) since 2012. The statistics are drawn from Transparency International and Norad’s own funding portal.

The evaluation also states that Norway lacks insights into how the money spent in multilateral organizations reaches its target and that Norway lacks an overall strategy on how to prevent corruption. Norad’s response was that they have a zero-tolerance for corruption and that they have a whistleblower arrangement with a control mechanism at every stage in each project they fund. They stated that they continue their efforts to assure that the funding ends where it is targeted.

News article - E24 (in Norwegian)

Report - Norad