Norway outlines its global priorities in run-up to 2030

On June 2, 2021, at a digital conference about Norway’s work on sustainability, Norwegian Minister of International Development, Dag-Inge Ulstein spoke about Norway's global priorities, focusing on five important elements in the lead-up to 2030: 

  • Inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic: The number of people facing hunger has increased, and the most vulnerable have been hit the hardest by the fallout of the virus. Women are facing more violence, and children around the world have lost access to proper education.
  • International cooperation, particularly in renewable energy and energy efficiency: Ulstein said his Ministry will look into the possibility of establishing a separate climate fund for investments in renewable energy in low-income countries. 
  • The ongoing pandemic and the importance of keeping global health high on the development agenda: Norway has stepped up its efforts and is supporting the development, production, and distribution of vaccines, diagnostics, and drugs to combat COVID-19. Through the COVAX initiative, Norway will work to ensure an efficient distribution mechanism for equitable access to vaccines.
  • Financing for development: Although Norwegian ODA is at a record-high (1.11% of GNI), Ulstein still sees this as insufficient. Corruption and illegal capital flows cause bottlenecks for low-income countries receiving financial assistance.  
  • Norway’s priorities in the UN Security Council: Norway will prioritize peaceful conflict resolution, women's participation and rights in peace processes, the protection of civilians, and the mitigation of security challenges brought on by climate change.  

Speech – The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Norwegian)