Norway prioritizes education for vulnerable children in new state budget

According to Norway's state budget for 2021, allocations for global education will be continued at the same levels as in 2020 with a strengthened focus on the most vulnerable.

NOK56 million (US$7 million) has been moved from the education budget section to the section for funding for vulnerable groups in order to secure educational needs for girls and children with disabilities. This targeting is a part of a wider strategy for children and people with disabilities and measures against modern slavery. For these target groups, there is a proposed amount of NOK522 million (US$58 million) in 2021. A new development assistance program to combat modern slavery has also been established.

The government believes that local civil society plays a crucial role during a crisis. In 2021, a total of NOK500 million (US$55 million) will go to education by funding such organizations. 

The government increased funding to Education Cannot Wait, a global fund that supports education during times of crisis and conflict, by NOK20 million (US$2 million), allocating it a total of NOK540 million (US$60 million) for the 2019 to 2022 period. 

Press release - Norwegian government (in Norwegian)