Oxfam criticizes G7 for falling short of COVID-19 vaccine pledges; timely delivery could have prevented 600,000 deaths

New analysis by Oxfam Canada and the People’s Vaccine Alliance found that only 49% of the 2.1 billion COVID-19 donations promised by the G7 to low- and middle-income countries have been delivered;  Oxfam called out the UK and Canada as the worst offenders.

The analysis showed that, had the missing donated doses been shared, they could have saved almost 600,000 lives in low- and middle-income countries, equivalent to one death every minute. Oxfam criticizes Canada and the UK as the worst performers, having failed to deliver anywhere near the number of vaccines they promised. The G7's contributions are as follows: 

  • Only 39% of the 100 million doses the UK pledged to deliver by the end of June 2022 were delivered;
  • While the deadlines to meet their respective commitments are the end of 2022, only 30% of Canada’s over 50 million pledged doses, and 46% of the US's 1.2 billion pledged doses have been delivered;
  • France, Italy, and Germany have collectively delivered just 56% of 700 million promised doses by the middle of 2022; and
  • Japan has delivered 64% of the 60 million doses it promised to contribute.

Op-ed - Oxfam Canada