Social Democrats (SDP) win German federal election; center-left coalition probable

The Social Democrats (SPD) won the federal election in Germany on September 26, 2021, with 25.7% of the vote; at least three parties will need to come together to form a governing coalition. 

The conservative bloc - consisting of the Christian Democrats (CDU) and resigning Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and their Bavarian counterpart, the Christian Social Union (CSU) - received its worst results since World War II with 24.1% of the vote. The Greens party (Alliance 90/The Greens) increased its voting percentage by almost 6% and won 14.8% of the votes.

Coalition talks are in progress; the Social Democrats will most likely attempt a coalition with the Greens party and the Liberal Free Democrats (FDP), which won 11.5% of the votes. This coalition formation is colloquially referred to as the "traffic light" coalition in reference to the respective parties' colors of red, green, and yellow. 

Negotiations are expected to take weeks or months as the parties try to find common ground and stitch together a governing coalition.

Germany's future chancellorship remains in question until coalition negotiations are finalized, with the SPD’s candidate, Olaf Scholz, and the CDU’s candidate, Armin Laschet, in the running. 

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