South Korea to co-host WHO World Bio Summit 2022

South Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare held a meeting with diplomats from 18 countries to introduce South Korea’s Global Vaccine Hub Policy, including World Bio Summit 2022 and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Biomanufacturing Workforce Training Hub. Together with the WHO, South Korea will co-host the upcoming World Bio Summit 2022 in October.

Health ministers, international organizations, and representatives of vaccine companies will attend the upcoming summit. Global health leaders will discuss the future of vaccines and bio health and share the latest trends in vaccines and biotechnology in support of the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The key agenda includes global bio-human resources training, future investment strategies for vaccine research and development, and vaccines and bio-medicines supply chains. South Korea aims to lead the global vaccine and bio health agenda, demonstrating its leadership in the health sector and strengthening the international cooperation system for future infectious diseases.

Press release – Ministry of Health and Welfare (in Korean)

News article – Financial news (in Korean)