Swedes continue to have strong confidence in use of official development assistance, survey shows

In the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency’s (Sida) annual poll of Swedes' attitudes toward official development assistance (ODA), confidence in the use of Swedish ODA increased somewhat in 2020.

When asked whether "Swedish ODA contributes to a better world", 61.5% of the respondents said that this is true or quite correct, reflecting an increase from 59.9% in 2019. The 2020 poll was conducted by Kantar Sifo with 1,500 respondents. Sida has been conducting the yearly survey since 1974.

Sida's Communications Director, Sepideh Imani, said Swedes have a reason to be proud, that in last year's OECD survey, Swedish ODA "was ranked the best in the world and really makes a difference". Imani noted that this year the country has provided much COVID-19-adapted support, especially for women and children in the way of health care, education, and cash assistance "so that they can buy food and let children go to school, but also support for the elderly who have been severely affected by the pandemic".

Swedes' general attitude toward ODA remained stable in 2020; the poll showed that 76% of respondents still think that it is important for Sweden to contribute to development in low-income countries. 55.8% of the respondents said they agree that Sweden’s goal to provide one percent of its gross national income in ODA is about right or should increase, while 35.8% believe that ODA should be reduced or abolished. 63.5% of women are positive toward Sweden’s ODA target, while only 48.2% of men support it.

Poll - Sida (in Swedish)

Press release - Sida (in Swedish)