UK NGOs list new development priorities for Parliament

In response to a call from BOND, the UK international development NGO network, on September 7, 2022, working groups provided their priorities for the new UK government on international development.

Covering a broad array of topics, specific priorities included:

  • Publication of a fully-funded and sufficiently staffed cross-government civic space strategy;
  • Pro-active engagement by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) with NGOs to raise awareness of the importance of poverty-focused development cooperation;
  • Restored funding for civilian peacebuilding and conflict prevention and support for grassroots and local CSOs working in fragile and conflict-affected contexts;
  • Delivery on commitments made at the Global Disability Summit, FCDO Disability Inclusion and Rights Strategy (February 2022), and in the 2019 Conservative Manifesto relating to girls' education;  
  • Development of a strategy for supporting locally-led funding initiatives, including transparent and trackable targets for direct funding allocations to local actors;
  • Restoration of the 0.7% GNI/ODA target and prioritization of support for humanitarian efforts, including gender equality and food security;
  • Leadership by the FCDO in tackling racism in the sector through inclusive engagement with NGOs and people of color to create a plan to address racism;
  • Reduction of the impact of sanctions on humanitarian action by issuing exceptions or general licenses for humanitarian work across all UK sanction regimes;
  • Commitment by the Prime Minister to greater transparency and accountability of public finance, with specific regard to the ODA budget; and
  • Restoration of funding for water, hygiene, and sanitation efforts to 2018 levels and integration of these sectors into the UK’s global health and climate approach.

News article – BOND