UK’s Blue Belt Programme helps UK to exceed ocean protection target

The UK government announced that it has exceeded its target of protecting more than four million square kilometres of some of the world’s "most precious marine environment" (one percent of the world’s oceans).

This achievement is thanks to the UK’s Blue Belt Programme, a £27 million (US$35 million) development assistance funded program which is part of the 'Conflict, Stability and Security Fund', which aims to safeguard the biodiversity and ecosystems of some of the remotest places on Earth by providing funding to UK overseas territories and international organizations.

The announcement follows the announcement by Tristan da Cunha, a UK overseas territory in the Atlantic Ocean, of a new 'Marine Protection Zone' around its waters.

The UK will be hosting the UN COP26 climate conference in 2021 and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called upon his fellow world leaders to join the UK in acting further to protect the planet’s oceans ahead of COP26.

Press release - UK government