US releases five-year 'End Malaria Faster' strategy, following WHO approval of groundbreaking malaria vaccine

The United States Presidential Malaria Initiative (PMI) released its new malaria strategy for 2021-2026, the same day the World Health Organization recommended the use of a new malaria vaccine. 

Although global health experts hailed the new vaccine - the result of decades of work - the US strategy cautioned the vaccine as a panacea and emphasized that other measures still need to be part of the solution. 

The US malaria strategy has five main approaches: 

  1. Outreach in hard-to-reach populations; 
  2. Strengthen and expand community health systems; 
  3. Ensure that malaria services are resilient to other health shocks and climate change; 
  4. Invest in local partners to lead the malaria fight; and 
  5. Ensure innovation to end malaria faster. 

Overall, the End Malaria Faster goals are to prevent new cases, reduce malaria deaths and illness, and hasten the elimination of malaria in PMI partner countries.  PMI will work in countries that account for 80% of the malaria burden with a goal of saving more than four million lives and averting over one billion cases by 2025.

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