Policy Update

Women's empowerment is key to addressing world population growth, says Merkel

Speaking on World Population Day on July 11, 2020, Germany's Angela Merkel highlighted the challenges posed by global population growth. Low-income countries will be most strongly impacted, she said, with 2/3 of the world population’s annual growth taking place in so-called "developing countries".

Germany plans to support the affected countries through development cooperation programming, and to put special focus on girls and women, she said. According to Merkel, women's empowerment initiatives, for example, those that promote opportunities for education and economic independence, are key to increasing girls' and women’s autonomy in family planning and, thus, have a profound impact on world population growth.

Against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic, Merkel repeatedly called for international cooperation and solidarity to respond to the virus.

News article – BR24 (in German)

Press release –Die Bundeskanzlerin, Video-Podcast (in German)