Policy Updates

  • France publishes 2016-2020 roadmap for nutrition

    Aiming to increase its interventions for nutrition, France published its 2016-2020 roadmap for action in the area of nutrition assistance, ‘Improving nutrition for vulnerable populations’. The roadmap identifies five main guidelines: 1) integrate nutrition in programs implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), 2) contribute to better consideration of nutrition-related issues in partner countries, 3) contribute to strengthened international and European mobilization for nutrition, 4) contribute to research and knowledge development on nutrition, and 5) contribute to education around nutrition.

    The French government has chosen to prioritize eight countries for these actions: Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Laos, Madagascar, Mali, Niger, the Central African Republic, and Chad.

    Nutrition roadmap – French MAE [in French]

  • UK MPs claim DFID axed projects based on negative media coverage

    Members of the UK Parliament’s International Development Committee have criticized the UK Department for International Development (DFID) for what they consider decision-making motivated by media coverage including inaccurate claims of wasteful spending from DFID’s chief, Priti Patel. In a newly-released report and in public comments, MPs praised Patel’s efforts to make development assistance accountable but argued that there’s little evidence of wasteful spending, as Patel has previously claimed. Additionally, the committee claimed that DFID has allowed itself to be influenced by negative press coverage. In January DFID called off plans to give £5.2 million to Girl Effect, an advocacy group for female rights in Ethiopia, following media reports claiming that the money was instead funneled to useless projects.

    News website – BBC
    News website – The Guardian
    Government website – International Development Committee

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