Policy Update

UK Shadow Minister for International Development says Brexit is negatively impacting UK development assistance

According to an op-ed by the UK’s Shadow Minister for International Development, Preet Kaur Gill, Brexit is negatively impacting the UK's development assistance due to uncertainty and a falling exchange rate for the pound. Gill notes, for example, that in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a program to support local management of natural resources has had to downsize its ambitions in response to the drop in the pound's exchange rate. She also argues that uncertainty is resulting in non-governmental organizations, charities, and civil society organisations having to divert precious time and resources to preparing for different scenarios, rather than focusing on their work. 

Gill also raises concerns about the UK's intention to maintain close cooperation with EU after it exits, noting that it might be difficult under the EU’s new financing mechanisms for non-members to participate. Gill calls for the UK to maintain its progressive, global, outward-looking role on development. 

News article - The Guardian