Financing, advocacy, and research to end gender-based violence: Featuring Oxfam Canada and Promundo


In this second installment in our series of gender equality webinars, Mayssam Zaaroura of Oxfam Canada and Giovanna Lauro of Promundo join the Donor Tracker’s Kalila Jaeger and Zoe Johnson for a deep dive into the world of donor finance, advocacy, and research to combat GBV.

The webinar addresses: Which donors are at the forefront of the fight against GBV and which donors are falling short in meeting their rhetorical commitments? What do programs to end GBV actually look like? Are economic or rights-based arguments more effective in advocacy to donor governments? Which types of programmatic strategies are most useful for counteracting GBV’s different manifestations around the globe? What should donor countries be doing to address GBV in their own countries?