Netherlands - Nutrition

Food security is a long-standing Dutch development priority

During the 2019 United Nations (UN) General Assembly meeting in New York City, the Netherlands announced that they would reorient €100 million (US$111 million) towards more productive, adaptive, and resilient food systems. The Netherlands also increased its contribution to the multilateral agricultural research network CGIAR to €50 million (US$56 million) over two years (2020-2021; see sector ‘Agriculture’).

The Netherlands implements a multi-stakeholder approach to ODA for nutrition, combining government, civil society, the private sector, and knowledge institutes. The PPP approach is also known as the ‘Dutch Diamond’. The main PPP within the field of nutrition is the Amsterdam Initiative Against Malnutrition (AIM). It aims to leverage the experience of Dutch companies in the food and nutrition industries across all stages of the food value chain to ensure sustainable improvements in nutrition in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and South Africa.

The Directorate of Inclusive Green Growth (IGG) is responsible for policies related to food security

Within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS) is responsible for designing and coordinating the implementation of Dutch development policy. Within DGIS, the Directorate of Inclusive Green Growth (IGG) focuses on policies related to food security, climate, water, energy, and natural resources. The directorate includes a specific thematic cluster on food security.