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Funding critical skills: How are donors supporting Foundational Literacy and Numeracy?

Funding critical skills: How are donors supporting Foundational Literacy and Numeracy?

Written by

Benjamin Overton, Qi Liu, Sheba George

Published on

July 5, 2023


In coordination with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the FLN Hub supported by Africa Practice, the Donor Tracker hosted a timely webinar on financing for FLN. The webinar featured the Donor Tracker's latest research on FLN and outlined current policy and financing trends in the sector and highlighted recommendations for donor support and advocacy efforts in the FLN sector.

The research presentation was complemented by two insightful panel discussions that brought in critical voices on FLN financing. The first panel highlighted international donor perspectives on FLN, represented by Joanie Cohen-Mitchell from USAID, Sabina Morley from the FCDO, Raphaelle Martinez from GPE, and Jack Rossiter from the Center for Global Development.

Recognizing the critical need for FLN partnerships and interventions in low- and middle-income countries, the panel also included voices from African partners, including Manos Antoninis from UNESCO, Albert Nsengiyumva from the ADEA, and Katrina Kamara, Fellow at the Education Partnership Centre.

The panel discussions were moderated by FLN experts and practitioners, including Lindsay Sheridan from RESULTS and Fidelis Ekom from Human Capital Africa.

Funding Critical Skills

Donor Tracker Webinar: Funding Critical Skills: How are donors supporting Foundational Literacy and Numeracy? from Donor Tracker on Vimeo.

Benjamin Overton

Benjamin Overton

Qi Liu

Qi Liu

Sheba George

Sheba George

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