How much funding is available?

Funding for global health research and development (R&D) stood at US$3.2 billion in 2016, according to Policy Cures Research’s G-FINDER report. This was a 4% increase from US$3.1 billion in 2015, following years of decreasing investments (-2% between 2012 and 2016). Of the total spent on global health R&D, 64% was supplied by the public sector, the remainder coming from philanthropic contributions (21%) and the private sector (16%).

For further details on methodology, see our Donor Tracker Codebook.

Who are the top donor countries?

Public funding for global health R&D is very concentrated in a few donors. In 2016, the US provided three-quarters of all public funding, US$1.5 billion. The second-largest donor was the UK (US$101 million, 5% of all funding), followed by EU institutions (US$77 million, 4%). In 2016, India became the fourth-largest donor (US$50 million, 2%), followed by France (US$47 million, 2%).

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