Policy Update

Center for Global Development releases 2020 Commitment to Development Index

On June 25, 2020, the Center for Global Development, a non-profit development think tank, released the 2020 Commitment to Development Index (CDI), ranking 40 countries’ policy efforts based on their commitment to global development. Based on the idea that development goes beyond foreign assistance, the Index covers seven distinct policy areas: development finance, investment, migration, trade, environment, security, and technology.

This year, Sweden ranks first, followed by France, Norway, the UK, and Germany. India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates are on the bottom of the league. Among the countries classified as middle-income countries, South Africa ranks best, taking the twenty-fifth position in the overall scoring, followed by Turkey, ranking twenty-ninth.

This year’s CDI also features several new measures including an assessment of the promotion of gender equality with a focus beyond development assistance and evaluating the ‘conflict potential’ of arms sales based on sales to low-income countries which are militarized and undemocratic.

Report – The Center for Global Development