Dutch development minister addresses parliament concerning next Product Development Partnership Fund

Dutch member of parliament (MP), Anne Kuik of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA), encouraged Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Tom de Bruijn, of Democrats 66 (D66), to evaluate the impact of Product Development Partnerships III (PDPs) and to develop a multi-annual budget plan to safeguard the financing of the PDP IV Fund.

De Bruijn stated that the necessary resources are available in the Ministry’s budget for Trade and Development Cooperation and will likely be granted in July of 2022. Minister De Bruijn awaits the outcome of the final evaluation report of PDP III, delivered in mid-November of 2021, which will support the content of the PDP IV framework.

The PDP IV will be the fourth iteration of a fund intended for the development and availability of affordable, effective medicines, vaccines, diagnostics, and innovative products for neglected diseases and conditions to combat poverty and inequality.

Press release - Government of the Netherlands (in Dutch)