Policy Update

Efforts to make future COVID-19 vaccine available across EU are insufficient, warn French NGOs; vaccine must be classified as global public good

With France's President Macron planning to visit a COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing site in Lyon, French NGOs Global Health Advocates (GHA), ONE, and Oxfam France have increased pressure on the government to classify a future COVID-19 vaccine as a global public good.

The NGOs' joint statement comes after France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands launched the 'Inclusive Vaccine Alliance', a coalition which will jointly select research programs, negotiate with vaccine developers and producers, and broker deals with various pharmaceutical companies with the ultimate goal of ensuring that a vaccine is accessible across the EU. 

GHA, ONE, and Oxfam expressed concerns that this initiative may not sufficiently prioritize access to COVID-19 vaccines in low-income countries, despite statements made by French officials emphasizing the importance of global solidarity in vaccine distribution.  

Press release - ONE