France increases ODA channeled through CSOs

According to the French INGO platform Coordination SUD, the volume of French foreign assistance allocated to national and international civil society organizations (CSOs) increased by 8% between 2020 and 2021, amounting to €574 million (US$589 million) in 2021 compared to €532 million (US$562 million) in 2020.

This trend is consistent with the planned increase adopted in 2018 during the last Interministerial International Cooperation and Development Committee (CICID), which aims to allocate €620 million (US$655 million) to CSOs in 2022.

Coordination SUD welcomed this move and reiterated that the recent development law defined a new target - 15% of France's ODA should be allocated to CSOs by 2025. According to Coordination SUD, only 7% of France's ODA is currently channeled through CSOs.

Press release - Coordination SUD (in French)