Japan highlights importance of universal healthcare, sustainable development during Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Ministerial Meeting

During the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Ministerial Meeting, Japan’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kiyoshi Odawara, discussed the importance of universal healthcare coverage and sustainable development in achieving stability and peace in the region.

To build an inclusive society, Odawara indicated the importance of economic and technical cooperation based on the concept of human security and universal health coverage, as well as fair and equal access to health and medical care and economic opportunities for small- and medium-sized enterprises, women, and people living in remote areas.

Furthermore, Odawara discussed the need to support economies vulnerable to climate change through technology transfer and development, and human resource development. Additionally, Odawara expressed his determination to steadily implement plans to realize the APEC Putrajaya Vision 2040.

Press release – Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Japanese)