At Munich Security Conference, France's Macron calls for delivery of vaccines to African continent immediately

On February 19, 2021, at the annual Munich Security Conference, French President Emmanuel Macron presented two main priorities that he sees for the transatlantic partnership.

First, Macron advocated for effective multilateralism on tackling the climate crisis, lessening inequalities, and preserving democracies (especially, he said, when it comes to preserving freedom of speech and avoiding "the return of hate" in our democracies). He mentioned that action should be undertaken to reallocate Special Drawing Rights and consider debt restructuring to help fund health priorities in the African continent.

He explained that while rich countries have managed to give their populations effective COVID-19 vaccine doses, it is important to ensure doses are also available for countries in Africa—an effort which is at the heart of the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-A), led by the World Health Organization.

He pointed out that there are 6.5 million health workers in Africa, meaning that 13 million doses are needed immediately for them. The 13 million doses represent only 0.43% of the vaccines currently available to the G7 countries. Macron called for delivering vaccine doses quickly in the African continent rather than in the planned six months because, otherwise, many of the African countries will buy vaccines at a more expensive price. 

The second part of his remarks focused on building a security agenda (including a refreshed North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) security architecture), fixing solutions to regional issues in the Sahel region, Syria, and Libya, as well as maintaining "freedom of sovereignty" in terms of space, cyberspace, and maritime space.

Speech - French Presidency (in French)