New Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi swears in governing coalition and cabinet, appoints Italy's first-ever Minister of Ecological Transition

Led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Italy's new government was sworn in on February 13, 2021. Draghi's coalition, composed of politicians and independent technocrats, is supported by a large, multi-partisan majority in the Italian Parliament, including the Five Star Movement (M5S), the right-wing League (Lega), the center-right Forza Italia (FI), the center-left Democratic Party (PD), the centrist Italia Viva (IV), and the leftist Article One (Art.1).

In Draghi's cabinet, some roles were reconfirmed, such as Luigi Di Maio for Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; Roberto Speranza as Health Minister; Luciana Lamorgese as Minister of the Interior; Dario Franceschini as Culture Minister; and Elena Bonetti as Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity Minister. Daniele Franco has been appointed as the new Ministry of the Treasury. Franco, a high-level Italian bureaucrat, previously served at the European Commission, Bank of Italy, and the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Physicist Roberto Cingolanithe also was sworn in as the first-ever Minister of Ecological Transition to head a brand new ministry created by Draghi to ensure that a transition to green energy drives recovery from COVID-19 and makes full use of EU funds. In his role, Cingolani will take over energy matters previously shared with other ministries and combine them with a larger environmental portfolio.

The new government will face votes of confidence in both houses of Parliament on February 17 and 18. The confidence vote will be the first opportunity for Draghi to present his programmatic agenda for his government.

In the coming days, Draghi will appoint Vice Ministers, including the Vice Minister for International Cooperation. Draghi will also set up his advisors team, including his diplomatic advisor, G7, and G20 sherpa.

List of the Ministries - Presidency of the council of the Ministries