NGOs call on Australian government to increase ODA budget, highlight shortcomings in development programs

Humanitarian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are calling on the Australian government to permanently raise its official development assistance (ODA) levels. A temporary ODA increase of A$300 million (US$220 million) to address the COVID-19 crisis is due to expire in June 2022, prompting the intensified call from the civil society sector. 

The coalition of humanitarian agencies has warned that development achievements will be jeopardized if higher funding levels are not sustained and has requested that the government commit extra funding in the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO), which will be delivered in mid-December.

A publication by the Lowy Institute highlights a mismatch between Australia’s announced global development ambitions and funding levels for its programs. An increase in Australian assistance volume would allow Australia to be more actively involved in shaping major international achievements, including building community resilience and reducing violence against women in the Pacific region, according to the report.

News article - Sydney Morning Herald

Report - The Lowy Institute