Norwegian government allocates US$614 million for humanitarian assistance in 2021

The Norwegian government has proposed an overall humanitarian budget of NOK 5.5 billion (US$614 million) for 2021. 

As of 2020, Norway is the sixth-largest donor of humanitarian assistance in the world, and since 2013, it has increased the total humanitarian assistance budget by 67%. Norway will target the funding where it is most needed. This includes the protection of children and youth, the protection of civilians against landmines and other explosives, and the promotion of green humanitarian response. 

The substantial response to the crisis in Syria will be continued in the years ahead. Additionally, the sharp rise in humanitarian needs in the Sahel region has led to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) intensifying its efforts.

The funding will mainly be allocated through the Red Cross, the UN, and Norwegian humanitarian organizations. The government has entered into four-year, strategic partnerships with organizations including the Norwegian Refugee Council, Norwegian Red Cross, Norwegian Church Aid, and Caritas. 

Press release - Norwegian government