Oxfam Intermón publishes report on Spanish ODA in light of COVID-19 crisis, gives recommendations

Oxfam Intermón, a Spanish NGO and part of Oxfam’s international confederation of NGOs that aim to combat poverty and injustice globally, recently released its report titled 'Realidad de la ayuda 2020: una refundación inaplazable para el mundo post COVID-19' (Reality of assistance 2020: a re-foundation that cannot be postponed for the post-COVID-19 world).

Given the devastation that the COVID-19 crisis has caused across the health, economic, and social sectors, international cooperation and financing play important roles in helping low-income countries respond to the pandemic and protect the most defenseless. The report emphasizes that 2021 must be the beginning of a rigorous investment plan and drastic institutional reforms in order for Spain to more effectively contribute to global recovery. 

Its five chapters analyze how countries are contending with the COVID-19 crisis, Spain's 2019-2020 transition towards re-establishing the foundation of Spanish cooperation, the debt and financial situation in light of COVID-19, the role of the EU post-pandemic, and an analysis of Spanish official development assistance (ODA) in 2019.

Report - Oxfam Intermón (in Spanish)