Portion of UK's US$15.6 billion climate fund should go toward family planning, say NGOs

Over 60 NGOs wrote to Alok Sharma, a UK Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party and the President of the UK-hosted UN COP26 Climate Summit in November 2021, calling for the UK to use some of its £11.6 billion (US$15.6 billion) climate fund for projects in low-income countries that are focused on family planning.

The demand arose as growing research demonstrates the link between poor access to reproductive health care services and environmental damage.

The UK government has committed to providing £11.6 billion (US$15.6 billion) for climate finance over the next five years. NGOs are calling for a change in fund access ahead of the UN COP26 to support family planning projects. Family planning programs have struggled following recent cuts to the UK development assistance budget.  

News article – The Guardian