UK NGOs list priorities for new UK Foreign and Development Ministers

On September 7, 2022, BOND, the UK network of international development NGOs, laid out a set of key priorities for the new UK Foreign and Development Ministers to ensure the UK delivers on its promise to use diplomacy and development to tackle global challenges.

BOND listed the need to ensure the right resourcing in terms of people and finance as its top priority. The network also noted issues arising from the 0.5% ODA/GNI cap, particularly in the wake of rising ODA-eligible costs of hosting refugees in the UK. BOND called on the new Foreign and Development Ministers to stop treating the 0.5% ODA/GNI target as a cap and outlined the path for returning to 0.7% ODA/GNI as soon as possible, while also celebrating the cabinet-level representation of development professionals in the new administration.

The network likewise recognized the ongoing need for the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) to prioritize ODA spending, noting the UK’s legal requirements set out in the International Development Acts, which call for a primary focus on poverty alleviation. With this in mind, BOND encouraged the FCDO to prioritize:

  • Equitable investment in marginalized populations;  
  • Increased direct funding to people, public services, and civil society in low- and middle-income countries;
  • Transparent adherence to development assistance effectiveness principles;
  • Adequate investment in tackling the drivers of conflict and the climate emergency; and
  • Responsible investment via British International Investment (BII; formerly CDC) and British Investment Partnerships (BIP).

News article – BOND