In UNGA speech, Italy's Conte calls for equitable global access to COVID-19 vaccine, gender equality

At the 75th UN General Assembly (UNGA), Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte's speech centered on multilateralism and the need for collective action. He also restated the need for equitable access to the COVID-19 vaccine globally, as "an international public good".

Conte promised that the Italian G20 presidency in 2021 would bring a "new humanism" to the world which centers the value of human life. According to him, Italy will have the responsibility to lead the world in the complicated process of recovery after the COVID-19 crisis, and it will be fundamental to fight against injustices and inequalities because a more equitable and democratic society will also be more prosperous.

Gender equality and digitalization will be the driving force of inclusive growth. Conte expressed that women have been the most affected by the COVID-19 crisis, but women will also be integral to the recovery strategy.

Speech - Presidency of the Council